Middle East, 2 June 2009 – NEC Display Solutions, one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market, has launched the new NEC MultiSync® X461HB 46-inch public display that has been specially designed to operate in high brightness environments. With an intensity of 1500 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 3500:1, its maximum brightness is 110 percent higher than that of other NEC public displays. This makes the screen superb for digital signage applications in strongly lit areas such as in shop windows, restaurants or entrance lobbies.

“With sales depressed globally, companies in the Middle East region have started realising the importance of investing in new advertising medium,” Ian Gobey, Middle East GM for NEC Display Solutions. “While many marketing professionals are turning to alternative advertising avenues such as e-marketing, direct marketing and so on, in a bid to bolster retail sales across the Middle East, digital signage is an area that has seen the highest level of acceptance. With new stores and mega malls opening at an unprecedented rate in the region, we believe the digital signage market is set to experience an exponential growth.”

Gobey further added that while malls and supermarkets use displays for in-house digital signage to display retail messages, most displays currently available on the market might seem dim and washed out, especially under brightly-lit environments. “This is where NEC MultiSync® X461HB 46-inch public display excels,” added Gobey. “Its advanced features detect nearby light and automatically adjust the display according to its surroundings. Having a brilliant display in a highly-trafficked, brightly-lit area is crucial to getting a message across, and the MultiSync X461HB’s unrivalled screen performance is the essential solution to these elements.”

For automatic brightness control, NEC offers an integrated ambient light sensor to secure optimal intensity levels at all times. Together with an internal scheduler that can control the display’s operation to a given timetable, this allows the user to create an intelligent control system so as to minimise the overall power consumption of the device. Maximum operational safety of the device is ensured by a new air-cooling system featuring four ventilation fans. The built-in Ethernet port allows remote management and control via a network, whilst also allowing the display to send early warning signals about possible faults or any risk of potential overheating.

The device has been equipped with a NEC Option Slot for expansion modules, such as a built-in PC or a CAT 5 board. These allow display content to be created and controlled in a particularly cost-effective manner. They replace external distribution devices and cables so simplifying the installation and also improving the overall external appearance of the display. The display offers numerous possibilities for picture-in-picture representations using various signal sources. For the first time, it is now also possible to simultaneously reproduce content from two PCs via the DVI and VGA inputs. Practical and well-designed features increase the overall user-friendliness of the display.

For example, the on-screen display rotates by 90 degrees when the screen is operated in portrait mode. In addition, the user can assign individual, more meaningful names to the different input ports of the device, so as to make switching between different content sources easier, e.g. “Camera1” instead of “DVI”. Additional deployment security is made possible by the option of integrating the NEC MultiSync® X461HB into an IP cabinet. This provides around-the-clock protection for the display against external risks and guarantees a long working lifetime as well as increased operational reliability of the device.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® X461HB in black is now commercially available through authorised NEC partners across the region. Various IP cabinets designed for the X461HB will be offered by NEC later this summer. NEC offers a three year warranty for its displays including backlight.

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