NEC Display Solutions, one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions, has announced the launch of its latest innovation in the area of video wall solutions – the NEC MultiSync® X461UN.

The highlight of this new 46” public display is its extremely narrow bezel. It allows the construction of video walls up to 10 x 10 displays with a total display area of approximately 60 square metres. The display is equipped with an ambient Light Sensor for perfect brightness control over the whole video wall.

Ian Gobey, Middle East GM for NEC Displays, said, “Combined with a number of options for signal control and assembly, this new complete video wall solution opens up a variety of important application areas ranging from retail and shopping centres, to control rooms and digital signage applications. In a region that has a very active retail culture, we see enormous potential for this new signage solution in the Middle East.”

The key component in the new video wall solution is the 46” NEC MultiSync® X461UN LCD with a brightness of up to 700 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Content-to-content gaps of only 7.3 mm provide particularly homogeneous and almost uninterrupted display surfaces. The Ambient Light Sensor automatically adapts the entire video wall to the ambient brightness. This is particularly useful in areas that experience variations in ambient throughout the day, such as  large public areas. Equipped with an infra-red sensor, this externally located sensor module can be connected for the simultaneous control of up to 100 displays. Addressing and controlling them individually allows for the grouping of several displays and assigning them to another video signal within a fraction of a second. This enables the creation of stunning effects by switching rapidly between dynamic content.

In order to ensure consistent picture settings, the NEC MultiSync® X461UN with its 10 bit LUT (look-up table) comes factory calibrated and can also be adjusted and checked by the user if desired. Particularly after long periods of operation, the optional calibration module (consisting of a sensor and calibration software) allows the colour representation and brightness of the video wall to be re-optimised as necessary at any time. For smaller installations of up to 3 x 3 displays, digital data communication is excellently handled by the optional Daisy Chain Board specially designed for the Option Slot integrated within the display. In this case, the NEC Built-in PC acts as signal source whilst the NEC DVI Daisy Chain Board acts as signal distributor.
Integrated thermal sensors ensure that users can always get an overview of the device’s temperature status which helps to optimize the thermal design of a video wall. Alongside the RS232 interface the display is controlled over Ethernet with automatic warnings flagged in the event of faults or overheating. The display’s cooling system can be adjusted to a lower setting for silent operation in sensitive areas, but will automatically switch into full cooling mode should excessive temperatures be experienced. These features ensure increased reliability and a longer product life. An additional highlight offered by the NEC MultiSync® X461UN is the accurate Carbon Footprint Meter providing an up-to-date overview of the display’s CO2 emissions at any time, so as to encourage use of the reduced brightness operation of the video wall – or at least as is permitted by the ambient lighting conditions.
Various styles of wall-mounting brackets, from a simple 2 x 2 entry-level solution, to highly flexible, finely-adjustable solutions in portrait or landscape formats, through to high-tech solutions for particularly sophisticated deployments, round off the complete solutions portfolio for the X461UN and underline its status as the benchmark product of its class.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® X461UN is now commercially available in black, exclusively as a complete solution. It is supplied with a factory brightness calibration of 500 cd/m2. NEC Display Solutions offers a complete solution tailored to the size of the video wall to be installed, consisting of displays, the appropriate NEC Option Slot modules for signal transmission, as well as the appropriate wall-mounting brackets. In addition, each display wall comes with its own control solution, consisting of sensor module, a 3.5 mm jack signal cable, as well as a remote control unit. Included in the overall package are a Dsub 15 cable, a power cable, and a CD-ROM with operating instructions. NEC Display Solutions offers a three year guarantee for its displays including the backlight.

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