With a maximum capacity of 16 processors/96 cores, it is a powerful, evolutionary,

reliable solution intended for server consolidation


Puteaux, 6 April 2009 – NEC Computers S.A.S., a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announces the availability of its new Express5800/A1160 solution in the top of the range enterprise server market. This intelligent, powerful architecture has been designed in particular for e-commerce businesses (travel agents, etc.) banks and data centres, which need to face up to the increasing power of data and ensure the availability of critical applications.

The solution has achieved performance records according to two benchmarks: the TPC-E Benchmark on the 18th March with more than 1,568 transactions/second, and the SPECjbb2005 with a score of 2,150,260 bops (business operations/second).
The Express5800/A1160 uses the latest generation of processors on the market, the Intel Xeon® MP 7400, which makes it both more powerful and less demanding in terms of energy.
The solution can contain up to 4 chassis, which can be stacked. It is possible to upgrade the solution in real time as required, to adapt its architecture according to the applications used. This means that all data is contained within a single solution, making it more powerful and ensuring that the space is used efficiently.
Each chassis is fitted with a location for 32 memory strips. The maximum configuration is 256 memory strips, offering a capacity of 1 Tb.
To make the Express5800/A1160 even more flexible, each chassis can run with a different OS (Windows, Linux and VMware). The whole unit is managed via a Web console.

Also designed to offer perfect availability, the solution includes redundant, hot swappable modules ensuring that business activity is uninterrupted and reducing the risks of system failure and/or its impact on the entire system.
Administration is simplified thanks to the EXPRESSSCOPE Engine SP remote management suite. Included as standard, it ensures complete availability, increased effectiveness and profitability of operations. This solution meets the challenges of monitoring, remote access, remote KVM & media to minimise support and administration costs in terms of management and IT resources. 

"This evolutionary solution with its exceptional performance is ideal to meet the demands of companies looking for a consolidation solution. The Express5800/A1160 offers them the reliability they need to run their critical applications and optimise costs dynamically. This solution makes an interesting alternative to the

Itanium or proprietary solutions currently available on the market", declares Florence Coron, Product Marketing Manager for NEC Computers.

Professional and maintenance services are provided with the NEC Express5800/A1160 solution.

– UltraCare PREMIUM Service (24 hour proactive support)
NEC offers an unbeatable support solution and up to 5 years warranty with a repair commitment, full hardware and software support, direct access to level 2 support with dedicated contact, alert escalation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and remote management of the solution.

– Other services such as training, installation and consulting services complete the Enterprise UltraCare solution to optimise the Express5800/A1160 solution and provide all of the experience and resources needed.

This high value added packaged solution is available today in project mode.

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