I am on the bandwagon – the social networking bandwagon that is. Of course I am a bit of a geek and am always keen to explore new communication tools. As I should being in the PR business. But there are some people that do not see the point – fair enough but its the people that do use social networking (or in the case of this blog – don’t) that sometimes make very simple mistakes.

Mistake no. 1 – Mixing business with pleasure.

I like Facebook but would never use it to promote businesses using my personal identity. If I had to use it to promote a consumer related business or make a point, I would create a new identity so that the business I was promoting got the kudos. I don’t mind my personal contacts seeing what I do at work and a few people that I work with that I consider personal friends too see what I am up to on a personal level but I am very particular that “never the twain should meet”. I have LinkedIn and Twitter for that.

Mistake no. 2 – Using a work email for your social networking sites.

Unless you are bound for life to your job (I am loyal but even I am not that committed), it is silly to use a work email to set up accounts with social networking sites even sites like LinkedIn. The chances are – when you switch your job or in the current economic scenario you lose it – you lose the network and other related information you had on your profile because the email you used to set it up no longer exists. For those that have made this mistake – sorry; but those that haven’t – change your email or add a personal one. Its doable.

Mistake no. 3 – in an age, where Internet is driving business, how can you not be on a social network?

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