NEC Computers S.A.S., a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announces the
release of its new tape library: the NEC T40A2. This new release completes the
range of NEC tape libraries, with the NEC T16A2 introduced in July 2008. This
high availability modular, easy to use backup solution, perfectly meets the
expectations of companies enjoying strong growth. The NEC T40A2 provides
reliable, mobile, long term storage, with unlimited flexibility at a
competitive price.

Incomparable User Benefits:

  • Performance: Handles maximum native transfer speeds of 240Mb/sec thanks to 2 LTO-4 drives using an SAS or Fibre Channel connection
  • Modularity: With 24 cartridges as standard, it is possible to upgrade later to 32 or 40 cartridges
  • High availability: many components can be easily replaced (cold swap), particularly the tape drives.
  • Simplified administration: Thanks to its Web interface, the tape library enables you to monitor, configure and remotely control all functions through its intuitive control panel.

Automated Data Protection For Improved Availability
Regular, ordered backups are essential to effectively protect a company’s data. The NEC T40A2 tape library helps users to automate their backup processes to reduce manual operations and minimise the risk of human error and down time. This means that the NEC T40A2 offers you protection from loss of data with a minimal impact on the operation of your IT system – regardless of the size or complexity of your applications and storage environment.

The LTO-4 technology allows you to double storage capacity in a limited space. The NEC T40A2 tape library handles up to 2 Ultrium LTO-4 drives using an SAS or Fibre Channel connection. This tape technology offers enhanced capacity, performance and security allowing up to 800 Gb of data to be backed up per drive and per hour at transfer speeds as high as 432 Gb/h, for a maximum of 864 Gb/h with two drives. These tape drives are supplied with WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology to protect data from alteration and modification.
Thanks to its bar code reader technology which records tape location, critical data can be stored more effectively. In addition, "anti-dust" technology is included at each end of the magazine, to protect it from dust and avoid tape wear.
To maximise tape library availability, several components can be easily replaced, in particular the tape drives. It is also possible to add the "hot swap, redundant extractible power supply" option.

"We wanted to give the best possible answer to the major problems faced by businesses today: the exponential increase in data and budgetary restrictions. The NEC T40A2 tape library combines excellent storage performance and maximum security at the lowest cost", affirms Sihem Bara, Server Product Marketing Manager at NEC Computers.

Richard Addey, Middle East & Africa Sales Director for NEC Computers, agrees. “In this region, the need for storage and reliable back up is greater because of the wider geographies in this region at the enterprise level. Securing data at price performance levels will ensure that CIOs need not compromise on quality in times of economic constraints.”

The NEC T40A2 tape library allows to you configure and control all functions remotely, in particular to check and define the configuration, carry out diagnostics …  Management can be carried out in two ways: either on the LCD screen located at the front of the tape library, or remotely, via an intuitive and easy to use Web interface, from any browser.
This solution is compatible with the leading backup software solutions, such as Symantec Backup Exec and BrightStor ARCserve and runs on most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The NEC T40A2 tape library stores a significant quantity of information in a very compact space. 4 magazines can manage 8/12 cartridges each, including 2 which can be used as a mail box. This means that the tapes can be imported and exported individually via the mail box.
The library occupies 4U of rack space and can contain 24, 32 or 40 cartridges, depending on requirements, for a total capacity of 32Tb.

The NEC T40A2 library is available from February through the NEC Computers’ distribution network. The pack consists of: 1 tape library, 1 rail kit, 1 SAS or Fibre Channel 3mn cable, 1 LTO cleaning cartridge, standard 3-year on-site warranty.

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