In a region that is as diverse as the Middle East, the only way to extend coverage for international companies is to strike strong partnerships with local companies, relying on their local knowledge, contacts to extend coverage. Partnerships to me means that the vendor and local partner work
TOGETHER for the common good of the business, presenting a united
front, creating a strong market place. So if the partner does well, so does the vendor. That’s a no brainer. 

However, it doesnt always work this way. Working within the IT industry – you hear rumours, see examples of bad
business practices and wonder how some of these businesses with ‘me,
me, me’ attitudes survive. It cannot be good for the brand
or the product or the company if both partners are constantly competing with
each other, creating rivalries – this is just asking for trouble.

In this day and age, when doing more with less is the norm, the user will be on the lookout for bargains and ‘squabbling’ business partners are a boon. They can play one against the other, so that both partners and vendors vie with each other for the same business – eroding dwindling margins and profits. How can that be good?

Perhaps the current credit crunch is good for the business especially in this part of the world – might wake up a few people and weed out the others.

C’mon guys – play nice. It’s better to have some business with good margins and the promise of more than no business at all because someone else swiped it from under your nose.

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