Brilliant, wide colour gamut, outstanding features of the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 makes it ideal for graphic and financial sectors

NEC Display Solutions has launched its NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 display, the successor 26” wide-format LCD model in its high-end range, which has been equipped with significantly improved features and a professional H-IPS TFT panel. With an outstandingly wide colour-scale featuring an excellent colour and brightness distribution, the display is particularly suitable for colour-critical applications.

“NEC is a leading provider of application specific display solutions that meet a wide range of industry segment needs,” pointed out Ian Gobey, GM for NEC Displays in the Middle East. “The new NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 is the ideal update to its predecessor model, featuring significantly improved characteristics, brilliant pictures and an outstanding blackness level making it ideal for the professional user. NEC globally is a primary supplier of display technology to the financial markets offering powerful and reliable displays geared to the sectors more stringent requirements. Fast delivery of information, superior ergonomics, space saving, multiple display capability and connectivity options are essential.  With the growth of the financial sector in the region, there are an increasing number of users for this type of professional display”.

Covering 102 percent of the NTSC colour-space (97% Adobe RGB), the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 also guarantees excellent colour fidelity. Its 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution as well as 1,000:1 contrast ratio additionally ensure brilliant imaging. Together, these make the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 ideal for desktop publishing (DTP), as well as the professional image processing or graphic design sectors. In addition, users wanting to make the transition from traditional 19” and 21” sized models to wide-format displays will find the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 the perfect choice.

Crystal-clear reproduction of static as well as moving images is ensured by its 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution, as well as its 8 ms (grey-to-grey) response time with overdrive technology. In addition making it ideal to perfectly meet the requirements of the image processing, DTP and CAD/CAM sectors, as well as document processing, broadcasting and high-specification office applications. Thanks to the high 178 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, its colour impression doesn’t vary as the display is viewed from different directions (i.e. no colour shift). This means that even for multi-monitor applications, such as those frequently found within the financial sector, each panel guarantees the best possible view from every perspective.

Equipped with the NEC Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) feature, the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 offers particularly uniform brightness and colour distribution across the whole image plane of the display. The display also features the new X-Light® Pro function. This measures the brightness and colour of the light source and automatically regulates the backlight and RGB channels. Fidelity of image reproduction is thereby ensured for the LCD display during its warming-up phase as well as over the entire operational lifetime of the device.

Outstanding ergonomic features increase productivity
Studies have revealed that wide-format displays have a positive effect on work-place productivity. The generous 26” wide-screen panel of the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 offers sufficient space to be able to view two and a half DIN A4 pages side-by-side as well as additional toolbars. The 1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution also allows the ergonomic reproduction of even the smallest details, whilst the pixel pitch of 0.287 mm ensures outstanding legibility. Particularly within the professional sector, where users often spend many hours in front of a screen, an eye-friendly and comfortable working environment can also lead to an increase in productivity. The display can be adjusted by up to 150 mm in height, allowing it to be conveniently adapted to the individual requirements of each user, whilst the screen can also be viewed in either landscape or portrait modes.

The automatic black-level adjustment feature of the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 guarantees excellent reproduction of grey-scale images, as required, for example, by applications within the medical sector. Here, the level of the black component is automatically adjusted according to the image represented. Thanks to the advanced NTAA (non-touch auto-adjust) function, display settings made by the user are automatically checked and readjusted as necessary during the ongoing operation of the device.

The NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 has been equipped with a range of functions that guarantee the energy efficiency of the LCD device.  For example, the display features the NEC Vacation Switch, with automatic Power-Off functions, as well as Real-Time Clock with Scheduler, in order to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible. The display has been equipped with additional EcoModes that also act to further reduce power consumption. All monitor settings can be adjusted with NaViSet® via a mouse and keyboard, whilst NaViSet® Administrator allows them to be conveniently adjusted over a network.

Additional flexibility is offered by the NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 due to its ambix³™ technology that offers various connection types (VGA, DVI-D and DVI-I). CableComp makes it possible for the display to be installed at distances of up to 100 m (with analogue cables) and 30 m (with digital cables) from the signal source.
The NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 satisfies all the current standards and requirements such as, for example, ISO 13406-2, CE, TÜV GS, TÜV ERGONOMIE, GEEA/Energy Label, Energy Star 4.0, UL, CCC, MPR II/MPR III, PCT/Gost, and TCO’03.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® LCD2690WUXi2 will be commercially available as from January 2009, either in white with a silver bezel, or in black. NEC Display Solutions offers a three year guarantee for its devices, including backlight.

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