Adaptable performance, capacity for extension and reliability for business critical applications

NEC Computers, a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, announces the availability of the new Express5800/R140a-4 server, enriching NEC’s already comprehensive range of servers. This new solution benefits from all of NEC Computers’ experience in the enterprise server domain, especially related to excelling in performance, solidity, flexibility and reduced energy consumption.

The NEC Express5800//R140a-4 server is ideal for data centres looking for extended development capabilities, as well as representing a reliable, affordable solution for server consolidation. It has been designed for strategic applications such as business databases, complex transaction processing, integrated management (ERP) and e-commerce.

Richard Addey, Middle East & Africa Sales Director for NEC Computers, said, “Corporations in the Middle East are focusing more and more attention on the data centre in order to consolidate services, increase manageability and optimize performance and power consumption. The NEC Express5800/R140a-4 has been designed with these requirements in mind.  It is able to handle complex and demanding data centre applications such as databases and ERP and, with virtualisation, it is able to do on tasks that required multiple other servers.”

NEC simplifies data processing and offers business solutions, which integrate the latest generation of processors on the market. The Express5800/R140a-4 operates using up to 4 six-core Intel® Xeon® MP 7400 processors making it both more powerful and more frugal in terms of electricity consumption.

These six cores have been designed and optimised, to minimise the infrastructure electricity consumption and load. They enable performance savings of up to 50% compared to the previous generation, while reducing electricity consumption by 10%.

“Intel® Xeon® series 7400 processors show unrivalled virtualisation performance, enabling you to maximise return on your IT investment. Thanks to the innovations they include, they offer power reserves and increased reliability, combined with exceptional upgrading capabilities for wide scale server consolidation”, declares Pascal Shultis, EMEA Account Manager for INTEL.

This is completely new functionality supplied as standard in NEC 4 channel servers. This technology is a control module of power supply in real time: "Power Control" enables the server’s electricity consumption being monitored and analysed, to optimise TCO and improve the user’s environmental policy.

Administration of the NEC Express5800//R140a-4 server has been improved thanks to the "EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 2" solution. This remote management suite supplied as standard makes servers fully available and increases operational efficiency for improved profitability. This solution meets the challenges of monitoring, remote access, remote KVM and media to minimise support and administration costs.

To manage a group of servers, NEC also offers the optional "Dianascope" remote management software.
"With this new 4 channel server, we give companies a solution which combines high availability and performance. In particular, these characteristics perfectly meet data centre expectations, a core market for NEC Computers in its strategy to develop high value added solutions", declares Sihem BARA, Server Product Marketing Manager for NEC Computers. 

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