NEC Display Solutions Europe, market leader in the public displays sector, is introducing its latest public display innovation at the upcoming ISE Europe (Amsterdam, 3-5 February 2009): video wall solutions using the new NEC MultiSync® X461UN. With its extremely narrow bezel, the new 46inch public display has been designed with this particular application in mind, so that the screen to screen (active area) distance between two neighbouring installed devices is only 7.3mm.

The NEC MultiSync® X461UN can be deployed to create video walls of up to 10 x 10 screens – creating a total surface area of about 60 square metres. The barely discernable transition gaps between displays ensure a homogenous picture, which also enjoys all the advantages of LCD technology when it comes to image quality and reliability. NEC Display Solutions is therefore using LCD technology to meet the increasing demand for video walls, but as well as the NEC MultiSync® X461UN, NEC is also offering the option slot integrated within the display for signal source and signal distribution (built-in PC, DVI daisy chain board etc.) and the appropriate wall brackets to enable a complete video wall solution. Ideal applications for deploying the ultra-narrow video walls include exhibitions and events, the digital signage sector (shopping malls etc.), as well as in control rooms (e.g. for the transportation sector), or as information displays in public spaces.

“In a region where display technology plays a strong role in events whether it is a sporting event or a concert, this is a great new solution that will give organisers a better visual medium for their messages,” said Ian Gobey, General Manager for NEC Displays in the Middle East.  “The application areas of video walls are numerous, having risen considerably in recent years particularly within indoor sectors, whether these are trade fairs, at business and customer events, or as information display in public areas like airports or malls, or as a security and surveillance display system.”

The pioneering role played by NEC Display Solutions in the area of public displays is also reflected in the company’s market leadership position. NEC’s latest public display solution – an ultra-narrow video wall using the NEC MultiSync® X461UN – is a truly impressive highlight of its expanding and comprehensive portfolio of public display solutions. The latest innovative developments, especially in large-format, professional LCD public displays, now mean that they offer a new and impressive alternative to the existing technologies deployed in these applications.

The heart of the new video wall solution is the 46” LCD NEC MultiSync® X461UN that enables video wall installations of up to 10 x 10 devices with the help of the TileMatrix function. A narrow panel transition gap of only 7.3 mm between 2 displays (active area to active area) ensures an impressive and almost seamless overall view. Neither large transition gaps nor wide bezels disrupt the composite image plane. Besides the impressive size, its brightness of up to 700 cd/m2 as well as WXGA resolution are sure to  make the video wall especially attention-grabbing in every environment.  Particularly within brightly lit or high ambient light areas, such as at exhibition centres or within large event spaces, brilliant reproduction of image or video content is guaranteed. Displayed content is also sure to be effectively and purposefully directed to the public, whether it is deployed in the digital or retail signage sector, in large retail spaces or in extensive shopping centres. The complete NEC MultiSync® X461UN video wall solution can also be provided with the appropriate NEC mounting brackets which are available in either a basic or high-end version.

The NEC MultiSync® 46” Ultra Narrow has been equipped with a professional public display panel and also exhibits the expected outstanding NEC quality. For those applications where device failure leads to especially problematic consequences, there is a strong requirement for robust models offering reliability over long periods of operation whilst needing only a low level of maintenance. The NEC MultiSync® X461UN has been particularly designed for such applications, whilst its LCD technology also offers especially high reliability. For example, the old-fashioned electromechanical hinged-flap indicator boards at airports or railway stations or outdated plasma devices can be conveniently replaced by the new video wall system.
Another advantage offered by the innovative NEC MultiSync® X461UN solution is that like other NEC public displays it has also been equipped with the highly-versatile option slot. An integrated NEC built-in PC acting as the signal source fitted into this module enables the NEC MultiSync® X461UN video wall to become a flexible and independent display solution. Should several displays need to be connected together (in series or as a wall) then the daisy chain board is the ideal means to simultaneously transmit via DVI the signal to one or up to nine other devices. For a larger number of displays or for transmitting content over longer distances, customers can also use a HDSDI board. Through these different possibilities and solution combinations, each according to application and requirements, NEC Display Solutions offers its customers the flexibility of acquiring their appropriate complete solution from a one-stop shop. From a built-in PC as signal source, to signal distribution via the daisy chain board, through to the display itself and wall-mounting brackets, when it comes to their entire hardware solution customers can be fully confident of profiting from NEC Display Solutions’ extraordinary quality and professional service.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® X461UN will be commercially available as a complete solution in black from the end of the first quarter of 2009. NEC Display Solutions Europe offers a three year guarantee for its devices, including backlight.

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