The NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi significantly enhances NEC Display Solutions’ product portfolio with a new 24" display in the NEC MultiSync® 90 series. Even greater choice is now being provided to customers looking for a professional wide-format desktop display. As with all models in the 90 series, the MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi offers numerous unique features.

For example, it offers an S-IPS panel with 1,920 x 1,200 resolution to
provide reproduction of even the smallest detail. Brilliant colors are
guaranteed by the specially developed Digital Uniformity Control
(ColorComp) and integrated X-Light® Pro functions. The NEC MultiSync®
LCD2490WUXi is particularly suited for application in the desktop
publishing, image- and video-processing or CAD/CAM sectors. In
addition, it is also ideal for deployment within the financial sector,
e.g. for multi-monitor solutions, or in the corporate sphere. The
display will be initially available in black.

The NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi’s S-IPS TFT panel exhibits an outstanding blackness level and offers excellent color reproduction, making it particularly ideal for color-critical applications, e.g. within the creative professional sectors. Its particularly high horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees allow excellent color reproduction without any accompanying color shift, so that color representation remains constant from every possible viewing perspective. The Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) feature additionally ensures uniform color and brightness distribution across the entire image surface. Also guaranteeing uniformity is the fact that every single panel is individually and precisely measured during the production process. Overdrive technology supported by the RapidMotion feature enables an 8 ms response time, which is also particularly useful for video processing.

The NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi has been equipped with the innovative X-Light® Pro feature. Here, an internal sensor measures color and brightness so that pre-set values are maintained for a long period of time. Apart from reducing the warm-up time, this also guarantees stable performance of the backlight over the total operating life of the device. The integrated AmbiBright feature automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the intensity of the ambient light. Depending on the brightness of the room, the brightness is also optimally adapted according to the content displayed on the screen. This function means that viewing is particularly easy on users’ eyes, but also helps to save energy. Thanks to the advanced NTAA (non-touch auto-adjust) function, the user-defined settings are also constantly checked during operation and automatically readjusted as required.

Users requiring reproduction of the smallest details, such as needed in the CAD/CAM sector, will particularly value the 1,920 x 1,200 resolution and 800:1 contrast ratio. With 94 DPI, the 24" display also offers particularly eye-friendly image reproduction, similar to that of more traditional 19" formats. Text and spread-sheet applications are also easy on the eye, so that productive working is enabled. Particularly within the corporate sector, where users often spend long periods of time in front of a screen, the NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi is the perfect display solution, and also provides an elegant transition from more traditional panel sizes to a wide-screen format.
"The new NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi from NEC Display Solutions is the ideal model for the strongly growing and important 24" wide-screen display sector not just worldwide but here in the Middle East too," said Ian Gobey, General Manager for NEC Displays Middle East. "It comes with numerous features that allow the display to be quickly adapted to individual needs so as to create an ergonomically-optimised working environment."

When acquiring a new display, companies need to consider the costs arising over the complete operational lifetime of the device. In order to keep the total cost of ownership as low as possible, the NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi has been equipped with a variety of EcoModes. Functions such as Real Time Clock with Scheduler, as well as Vacation Switch and Automatic Power-Off functions avoid the consumption of unnecessary power. Coming with a variety of connection options (VGA, DVI-D and DVI-I) the NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi offers additional advantages regarding flexibility, as well as maximum investment protection and future-proofing of the display. Naturally, all the display parameters can be set with NaViSet® using a mouse and keyboard, or directly over a network using NaViSet® Administrator.

As with all the other 90 series models, the NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi satisfies the following current standards: ISO 13406-2, CE, TÜV GS, TÜV ERGONOMIE GEEA/Energy Label, Energy Star 4.0, UL, CCC, MPR II / MPR III, PCT/Gost, and TCO’03.

Availability and Warranty
The NEC MultiSync® LCD2490WUXi is commercially available immediately in black. Included in the package are a power cable, analogue and digital signal cables, a manual as well as an installation and drivers CD. NEC Display Solutions offers a three year guarantee for its devices including the backlight.

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