Fortinet’s FortiCleanUp Tool for Curse of
Silence/CurseSMS Enables Recovery After SMS/MMS Denial of Service Attack

– the pioneer and leading provider of unified
threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced that itsversion of the FortiCleanUp tool to help users recover
from the recently discovered “Curse of Silence” mobile attack (also known as
CurseSMS). Fortinet’s FortiCleanUp is a range of free tools running on Symbian™OS S60-powered phones and designed to remove and
recover from specific mobile malware and their related variants. 
FortiGuard® Global Security Research Team has released a new

The “Curse of Silence/CurseSMS” attack is a remote SMS/MMS denial of service that was recently discovered by Tobias Engel and revealed at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress. The attack involves sending a maliciously crafted SMS to potential targets. Upon receipt of that SMS, the targeted device may no longer be able to receive SMS or MMS messages. Depending on the operating system version of the targeted mobile phone, the device may require a factory reset to properly function again.

Fortinet provides a free-of-charge license to its new FortiCleanUp tool, which helps users to recover once their mobile phone has been attacked by “Curse of Silence/CurseSMS.” The FortiCleanUp tool for Curse of Silence/CurseSMS automatically scans and removes malicious SMS/MMS messages that are preventing the proper functioning of the handset.

Potentially vulnerable devices include Nokia phones running SymbianOS S60 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2, 2nd Edition Feature Pack 3, 3rd Edition, and 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. This includes several phones of the “N” series up to the N95 and of the “E” series up to the E90, as well as older models such as the 6680.

For complete real-time protection, the FortiGuard team recommends the installation of Fortinet’s FortiClient Mobile on mobile devices. This security application provides unified security agent features including personal firewall, IPSec VPN, antivirus, antispyware and SMS anti-spam. FortiClient’s protection agent is powered by FortiGuard security subscription services to help protect devices against today’s blended threats. FortiClient Mobile provides light-weight, unified security agent features and is available for Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ and SymbianOS S60 operating systems.

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