The new NEC MultiSync® Professional (P) series has been
specially developed by NEC Display Solutions to meet the requirements of offices
and the more creative professional sectors. With the first model of its new
series, the NEC MultiSync® P221W, the display manufacturer is
offering a high-end, wide-format mainstream LCD display that has also been
equipped with numerous first class features. Outstanding picture reproduction
and faithful colour representation are guaranteed by its S-PVA panel and programmable
10-bit LUT hardware calibration function.

With its variety of ergonomic and
environmentally-friendly features, the NEC MultiSync® P221W is also ideal
for the corporate sector. It is particularly suitable for the stringent demands
of high-performance office environments where particular attention to
professional ergonomics or colour reproduction is required. The LCD display is also
highly suitable for entry-level DTP and image processing, as well as CAD/CAM
applications, or for medical presentations and consultations.

Ian Gobey, General Manager for NEC Displays in the
Middle East said, "In the Middle East, we anticipate that this product will be
suitable in the environments like hospitals and clinics for medical
presentations as well as offices where CAD/CAM applications are regularly used
like architects, designers and engineers."

The NEC MultiSync® P221W‘s integrated S-PVA
panel offers numerous advantages to users: alongside outstanding colour
reproduction it also offers high blackness and a contrast ratio of 1,000:1,
whilst the brightness of the LCD display is 300 cd/m2 with a
response time of 6 ms. The LCD display‘s outstanding picture reproduction is also
due to its colour space covering 92% of the NTSC scale with 16.7 million
reproducible colours, as well as its 1,680 x 1,050 resolution. In addition, the
wide-format, high-end panel offers excellent picture quality independent of the
viewing angle. Programmable 10-bit LUT hardware calibration – separately for
each channel of the RGB signal – guarantees the required precision that is essential
for colour-critical applications such as image and video processing or
entry-level DTP. The NEC MultiSync® P221W‘s high-quality picture
characteristics also make it ideal as a presentational monitor in medical
consultations or for training purposes. Its excellent, long-term image
reproduction is also guaranteed by the non-touch auto-adjustment feature that
automatically optimises the display settings whenever the monitor is switched
on or the resolution or frequency changed.

Ergonomic, environmentally-friendly and energy

The NEC MultiSync® P221W‘s pixel pitch of
0.282 mm is particularly easy on the eyes when it comes to text and spreadsheet
applications, and also makes the display the ideal upgrade choice as a widescreen
successor to more traditional 19" monitors. 
A particularly useful property for multi-monitor applications, such as
those found in the financial sector or in document management, is offered by
the S-PVA panel’s especially high horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178
degrees. The LCD display‘s ergonomic features are a particularly important
factor for the business sector, since they don’t just have a positive impact on
the workplace environment, but also increase employees‘ performance and
productivity. Easy and intuitive handling of the NEC MultiSync®
P221W means it can be easily adapted to every application situation. For
example, the display can be height adjusted by up to 150 mm, tailoring itself
to the individual needs of each user. The panel can be swivelled by 340 degrees
and can also be rotated through 90 degrees into portrait mode. Thanks to its
VESA mount, the display can be wall-mounted or positioned onto an arm without
requiring any additional tools. Quick-release technology on the monitor
pedestal also allows practical, simple and fast manoeuvring for wall
installations. The narrow (15 mm) bezel is particularly advantageous for
multi-monitor solutions. This doesn’t just create a highly functional design,
but its timeless stylishness also makes the NEC MultiSync® P221W a
particularly elegant feature in any office environment.

The environmental impact of this new professional basic
model in the NEC MultiSync® P series has also been a particularly
important consideration for NEC Display Solutions. Underlining the especially
low environmental impact of the LCD display, the NEC MultiSync®
P221W has been awarded EPEAT certification. The monitor has also been equipped
with a Carbon Footprint Meter which can be called up at any time using the OSD
and which indicates the accumulated CO2 emission savings of the
device over its total period of operation. In On mode, the LCD display only
consumes 62 Watts of power, whilst in Stand-by mode this is reduced to only 2
Watts. Included in the display are EcoMode functions that allow the energy
efficiency of the NEC MultiSync® P221W to be improved still further.
These include features such as AmbiBright, that adjusts the brightness of the
display according to the changing ambient lighting conditions, and the
Power-off Timer, that automatically switches off the monitor at a particular user-defined
time. Together, these all act to reduce CO2 emissions as well as
avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Increasing the device‘s future-proofing
has also been achieved via ambixTM technology that provides flexible connector
capability. To this end, the NEC MultiSync® P221W has been equipped
with an analogue as well as two digital connector ports, that can be utilised
as required and that also support HDCP.

Availability and warranty

NEC MultiSync® P221W will be commercially available from January 2009.
The display is available either in black or in white with a silver bezel.
Included within the package are a power cable, a VGA cable and a DVI-D cable, a
manual as well as an installation and drivers CD. NEC Display Solutions Europe
offers a three year guarantee for its devices, including the backlight. The NEC
MultiSync® P221W conforms to all the usual standards, including ISO
13406-2, Energy Star, CE, TÜV GS, TÜV Ergonomics and TCO’03.

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