Emails don’t always reach the right sender and I wonder whether paranoia is going to kill it. If it does – what’s next.

With more and more businesses and email services setting up firewalls,
anti-spam, anti-virus, etc etc, there are more and more emails getting
lost in cyberspace. While security cannot be compromised, how much time
are we spending looking for that one missing email that never reached
us (for some mysterious reason) and never reached the junk or spam
folder either. 

As a PR agency that relies on email as a means of communication especially since most of my clients are based in Europe and US, this does not bode well. I find myself more and more putting read and delivery receipts on my emails to make sure that they have been sent and delivered to the right address. I also find that for really important emails, I follow up within a few hours to ensure that they have received the email and that it has not gone into junk mail.

As spammers get more sophisticated, the parameters that security software use to identify and track these start using words that isolate some emails (no matter who the sender is) into the junk and spam folders. I find myself spending time going through these folders to make sure that something is not trapped in these.

So if email gets more unreliable, are we regressing or will our chat and social network sites like LinkedIn become the next means of communication in business?

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