FortiMail™ Protects 20,000+ email users from spam and viruses

Middle East, – 10 March 2008 – Fortinet® – the pioneer and leading
provider of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – has announced
that United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) has deployed FortiGate™,
FortiMail™ and FortiAnalyzer™ solutions to secure its network, protect
its students and staff from malware and get insight into its network
usage and security information.

To provide true protection against the Internet threats and other
malware, UAEU was looking for a solution that would allow the migration
of its is 20,000+ email users to a proactive anti-virus, anti-spam
service for both its outgoing and incoming email application, with a
managed service that would be easy to configure and would provide
direct user interface. At the network level, the university wanted a
high-performance firewall solution with multiple DMZ’s.

“IT works in layers, and we are focused on providing good quality IT
services and infrastructure to our end users, meaning the students and
staff of the university,” said Manmohan Singh, Director of
Infrastructure & Core Technologies at UAE University. “We found
Fortinet solutions easy and flexible to deploy. We were able to
activate as many or as few applications as needed.”

The university selected two FortiGate-3600A multi-threat security
systems for firewalling and two FortiGate-1000A appliances to provide
all the built-in network-level and content-level threat protection,
icluding anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall. In addition, two
FortiMail-2000A email security platforms were deployed to secure both
UAEU’s incoming and outgoing emails. Despite a total of over 20,000
users, many of whom are using the email services simultaneously, UAEU
managed to migrate its system from a Cisco configuration to FortiMail
within 36 hours with a record down time of less than 1 minute.

Hani Sultan, Security Project Manager for UAE University, added,
“FortiMail has provided us with excellent results by reducing spam and
viruses. Combined with the other Fortinet appliances, we feel we have
more control and have succeeded in protecting the entire network from
all types of Internet threats.”

In addition, UAEU deployed Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer, which securely
aggregates and analyzes log data from the FortiGate security appliances
deployed throughout its network. FortiAnalyzer provides UAEU with
real-time network log records, as well as a comprehensive report and
analysis of network usage and security information, supporting its need
for discovering and addressing vulnerabilities across dispersed
FortiGate systems.

“Educational institutions, such as United Arab Emirates University, are
particularly vulnerable to Internet threats and, at the same time,
require a high level of service,” said Bashar Bashaireh, Middle East
Regional Manager at Fortinet. “This deployment environment proves the
effectiveness and efficiency of our security products and we are proud
to deliver UAEU with a scalable security solution that reduces the
amount of resources needed to maintain its network – saving the
university time and money towards focusing on its academic

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