Integrated IPS, Web Filtering and Antivirus Functionality Protects TNS’ Global Network from Malicious Web-based Attacks

Middle East, April 28, 2008 ? Fortinet® – the pioneer and leading
provider of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced
that Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), the leading global market information
provider, has chosen Fortinet’s FortiGate™ multi-threat security
systems as the cornerstone of its worldwide IT security strategy. Set
to help protect 14,000 employees in more than 60 countries from
viruses, worms and other Web-based threats, the full global deployment
is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. TNS has also
centralized its security management and reporting functions with
Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer™ and FortiManager™ platforms, providing
increased visibility and ease of management across its international

As a global market research company collating and providing real-time
information on demand for a wide range of customers, TNS relies upon
the Internet as the foundation for its business activity. In order to
protect its resources from ever-evolving Web-based threats, TNS looked
for a broad security solution that could be deployed globally to help
protect its Internet gateway and increase business continuity across
the organization.

After a competitive tender process involving both third-party hosted
solutions and internal appliances from a number of key security
players, TNS recognized the multiple benefits of Fortinet’s integrated
security solution and decided to deploy FortiGate systems for IPS, Web
filtering and antivirus functionality in every office across the world.

“Most manufacturers were able to offer two out of our three desired
security functions but Fortinet was the only vendor with the capability
to provide all three in a single security solution, while meeting our
high expectations in terms of performance and cost effectiveness,” said
Kevin Braim, group IT Services director at TNS. “On top of providing
first-class security, the flexibility of the FortiGate systems allows
our security solution to evolve on a per-region basis, as and when
required. Moving forward, Fortinet’s integrated approach means that
other security functions such as SSL VPN, firewall and traffic shaping
can be switched as per a country’s individual requirements. As a
fast-growing acquisitive company, this made for a very compelling

TNS has already deployed two FortiGate-1000A appliances in a high
availability cluster for antivirus, IPS and Web filtering in its UK
sites. The integrated multi-threat security solution has the
large-scale capacity and resilience required to help protect all TNS’
2,200 users from malicious attacks.

“We kick-started the project at our biggest UK site, where 90% of our
global activities are conducted. Our rationale was that, if the
FortiGate device could cope with the very high traffic demands in the
UK, which is around 435Gb per month, then the requirements of our other
offices would be met easily,” Braim explained. “Fortinet’s security
solutions addressed our stringent technical requirements and
demonstrated the resilience and capacity needed to cope with the
enormity of this global project, offering a full range of security
devices to fit small and medium branch sites.”

In addition to the security platforms, TNS has also chosen to implement
Fortinet’s FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer in the UK headquarters for
centralized security management and reporting capabilities, providing
increased visibility, control and ease of management across the
regional and global networks. These devices also help TNS to be
proactive and pre-empt major disruption on its network by quickly
segmenting and, if necessary, quarantining local networks in order to
help prevent contamination of global operations.

“This is another great example of a large organization harnessing the
benefits of an integrated multi-threat security solution that doesn’t
impinge on multi-Gigabit performance levels,” said Andre Stewart, EMEA
vice president at Fortinet. “This project is a demonstration of the
maturity of our solutions that allow large enterprises to exploit the
multiple benefits of integrated network security at optimized
operational costs, with maximum control and visibility.”

In line with TNS’s Global Security Strategy using Fortinet appliances,
TNS Dubai branch recently deployed a Fortinet 200a UTM appliance to
safeguard the network from a previously unprotected threat area -The

Ruso Dordi, Regional Manager -Information Systems and Technology said,
“Whilst a multi-dimension protection from web threats was always a
prerequisite, one of the main criteria was to protect our global VPN
network by preventing the spread of malicious traffic over our
encrypted tunnels. Fortinet’s UTM devices have helped reduced the
threat to our WAN greatly. Fortinet has also helped us achieve
significant cost savings on our Internet bills in the Middle East by
allowing us to introduce and secure cheaper broadband links such as DSL
and ADSL thereby allowing us to scale down on costly Leased Line
Bandwidth by incorporating a “transparent” firewall design.

According to Dordi, this architecture allows for web traffic to be
intelligently routed over the VPN (LL) or to the internet (DSL). TNS
Dubai was so encouraged with the performance that the IT team decided
to proceed immediately with a Middle East-wide implementation covering
eight other sites with the project likely to be finished in a couple of
months time.

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