Product portfolio is expanded with an additional 22” widescreen LCD.

Middle East, 13 October 2008 – With the NEC MultiSync® E221W, NEC
Display Solutions is proud to introduce its new NEC MultiSync®
Enterprise Standard series to the market. As a successor to the
successful NEC MultiSync® 5 series the new displays have been designed
to perfectly meet the needs of the home office and SMB sectors.
However, the NEC MultiSync® E221W is also an ideal entry-level, wide
format model for deployment in the corporate sector. Equipped with a
high quality TN panel that offers unusually high viewing angles, the
22” display also features an ergonomic design and multiple interfaces,
such as DVI-D with HDCP. In addition, the LCD display carries EPEAT
Silver certification that guarantees, amongst others, the use of
environmentally-friendly materials. The NEC MultiSync® E221W has been
equipped with an integrated Carbon Footprint meter that shows the
quantity of CO2 emissions that can be saved over the running time of
the device. Whether for traditional office applications or for internet
use, the NEC MultiSync® E221W offers an extensive range of features at
a good cost-performance ratio.

Ian Gobey, General Manager for NEC Displays in the Middle East said,
“In the Middle East, the small to medium-sized business (SMB) sector is
the largest market segment and the NEC MultiSync® E221W is particularly
ideal for them, as well as for users in the home environment, who have
decided to make the inexpensive transition from traditionally sized
displays to those in wide format.”

Equipped with a high quality wide-format TN panel with horizontal and
vertical viewing angles of up to 176 degrees (at a contrast ratio of
5:1), the NEC MultiSync® E221W has a response time of 5 ms, as well as
a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 at a brightness of 250 cd/m2. The LCD
display also offers sRGB support to provide brilliant and vibrant

With a modern and elegant design, the NEC MultiSync® E221W features
clear lines and rounded edging. The narrow bezel is advantageous for
multi-monitor applications, as several displays can be perfectly
aligned alongside each other without any distracting gaps appearing
between the displays. The OSD buttons located in the monitor’s lower
surface have been discreetly integrated within the bezel. Alongside
their contemporary design, they are distinguished by their
user-friendliness and intuitive control. The NEC MultiSync® E221W has
also been equipped with a practical grab-handle to the rear of the
housing so as to enable easy transport and comfortable handling of the
monitor, for example, for unpacking or when mounting onto a wall. It
also allows the device to be lifted up using just a single hand.

Like all the other LCD displays of the new NEC MultiSync® Enterprise
series, the new NEC MultiSync® E221W model carries EPEAT certification
(EPEAT Silver) and is also equipped with an integrated Carbon Footprint
meter. This allows customers to access useful information about the
environmental impact of the device, so that they can pro-actively
become more environmentally conscious in their style of working. The
EPEAT certification underscores the particular environmental
sustainability of the device. Factors such as, for example, energy
consumption and efficiency, use of hazardous materials, recycling,
packaging, or the methods of production, are all considered in the
EPEAT evaluation. In order to attain the EPEAT Silver certification NEC
Display Solutions has had to satisfy 23 obligatory as well as 14
optional criteria. The Carbon Footprint meter in the on-screen menu
indicates by how much the CO2 emissions can be reduced over the running
time of the LCD display. Users can then choose to reduce emissions by
switching to EcoMode. Here, the brightness of the display is limited to
a maximum of 60 percent of its capability, so that the value of the LCD
display’s carbon footprint is thereby lowered.

Operating costs over the complete running time of a device play an
important role in business. To ensure a low TCO (total cost of
ownership) the NEC MultiSync® E221W offers a range of functions to
reduce power consumption. In the normal switched-on mode consumption is
only 40 Watts, whilst EcoMode allows it to be reduced to 28 Watts.
Automatic Stand-by and Power-Off Timer also allow the power consumption
to be kept to a minimum. Thus the NEC MultiSync® E221W allows users to
increase their energy efficiency as well as saving on their electricity

Ergonomic features, such as the flexible positioning of the display
with height adjustment of up to 50 mm, ensure a productive working
environment. With its high viewing angles, an excellent view of the
screen is guaranteed from almost any perspective, even for
multi-monitor solutions. Settings can be very easily changed on the NEC
MultiSync® E221W using Plug & Play as well as by using the NaviSet®
software that is also provided. Once they have been set, the settings
are regularly checked by the NTAA (non-touch auto adjust) function, and
if necessary, readjusted. The NEC MultiSync® E221W has been equipped
with additional VESA mounting openings, which allow easy wall mounting,
as well as permitting the attachment of the panel onto a pedestal base.

Availability and warranty

The NEC MultiSync® E221W is now commercially available priced at
US$325.00. The device is available in black as well as in white with a
silver bezel. Included in the package are a power cable, VGA and DVI-D
cables, a handbook, and also an installation and drivers CD. NEC
Display Solutions Europe offers a three year warranty on its devices
including the backlight.

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