three new mono-processor servers benefit from the very latest Intel®
Xeon technology. They also offer the best storage capacity in their
category and provide top-of-the-range security solutions and enhanced
administrative platforms. 

Middle East – 4 March 2008 – NEC Computers, a subsidiary of NEC Corp.,
has announced the complete renewal of its entry-level server range,
with the launch of three new Intel® Xeon mono-processor machines: The
first two, SI1520 and SI1720, are towers, and the third, SI1120R-1, is
offered in a Rack format.

Offering the best price/performance ratio in a demanding market, these
new solutions are perfectly suited to the SME/SMI market, remote agents
and public bodies. These servers offer performance and versatility
which means that they are perfectly suited for optimum management of
their infrastructure applications or their business solutions.

Johan Degroote, EMEA Business Development Director for NEC Computers
said. “In the Middle East – where a large percentage of businesses fall
into this (SME) category, this is welcome news. These servers not only
benefit from the very latest Intel Xeon technology, but also offer the
best storage capacities in their category. NEC Computers is committed
to providing the best solutions to enterprises no matter what the size.”

4.5 Tb storage

The NEC SI1720 provides the largest storage capacity in its category on
the market, and can take up to 6 SAS or SATA hard disks, a total of 4.5
Tb. It also offers 3 PCI-Express extension connectors as standard, to
benefit from accelerated I/O.

The NEC SI1520 server offers 4 x 5.25" bays, which can hold additional
backup devices, for example tape (GoVault, DAT 72 USB, DAT 160 USB,
DLT-V4 ranges). Finally, the NEC SI1120R-1 takes the form of an
ultra-dense 1U server to enable maximisation of data centre density.
Less than 20 inches deep, it is compatible with the Telecom format.

The latest generation of Intel® Xeon processors

NEC Computers’ new range of entry-level servers is shipped in a
mono-processor version with a particularly high processing power. This
has been made possible by the use of the latest generation of Intel®
Xeon 45nm double and quadruple core 3100 and 3300 processors, which are
particularly powerful and energy-efficient. Combined with this power,
the NEC machines offer a memory capacity of up to 8 GB, DDR-2 800 type
RAM, for the best possible performance.

All these machines offer a particularly high level of security for
their class, to allow continuous operation and to guarantee the
integrity of the data being processed. This security is demonstrated in
particular by the inclusion as standard of dual channel Gigabit
Ethernet network cards offering fault tolerance and load balancing
functionality. In addition, this security also passes through common
RAID controllers offering RAID 0 on the NEC SI1120R-1, RAID 5 on the
NEC SI1520 and RAID 6 on the NEC SI1720. The NEC SI1720 also offers
hot-swap disks and a redundant power supply.

Economical servers and easy administration

These three servers share a high number of components, which enables
businesses to significantly reduce maintenance and operating costs by
making the management of their configuration much easier (bios,
firmware, drivers, etc.).

Furthermore, to make it even easier and more efficient to manage these
machines, they are offered with the NEC System Area Manager solution,
allowing intuitive, open administration of these servers. In
particular, this allows administrators to manage their servers as well
as all their NEC or other PCs through a unified interface from a single
remote console.

These servers are certified for the following environments: Microsoft®
Windows 2003 Server, RedHat Linux and Suse SLES. They have also been
tested for the Mandriva, Fedora, Debian and Microsoft ® Windows XP
(only on the SI1120R-1) environments.

They are ready for Microsoft® Windows 2008 Server as soon as it is available.

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