East, 4 March 2008- NEC Computers has launched a new solution for its
desktop and notebook ranges allowing IT administrators to downgrade
rapidly and easily from Microsoft Windows Vista® Business to Microsoft
Windows® XP Professional.

“This solution should prove very popular in the Middle East that has
still not fully adopted Microsoft Windows Vista® in the business
environment,” pointed out Johan Degroote, EMEA’s Business Development
Director at NEC Computers. “While we do offer customization for large
enterprise orders, for smaller businesses, it is important to offer the
flexibility to select the most suitable OS for their environment.”

Flexibility for professional users

Even though Microsoft Windows Vista® offers numerous advantages when it
comes to security, stability and enhanced graphics, many networks are
still running on Microsoft Windows XP®. With the NEC FlexLoad solution,
NEC meets the expectations of many users as they can choose the most
suitable OS for their network environment.

The easiest solution

As an OEM manufacturer, NEC includes in its VERSA notebooks and
POWERMATE desktops range, the possibility for the administrator to
downgrade from Microsoft Windows Vista® Business to Microsoft Windows
XP® Professional with a kit containing only two DVDs. The downgrade
itself can be accomplished by the administrator without any specific
technical skills within 15 minutes, which is much faster than a
standard installation or any other solutions on the market.

NEC FlexLoad availability

Available from now on all VERSA and POWERMATE ranges, this solution NEC
Flexload only works on NEC hardware that comes as standard with
Microsoft Windows Vista® Business and can be ordered directly from NEC
Computers as a stand alone item.

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