reliable and easy to administer – this client workstation and server
management solution is designed for the SME/SMI market.

Middle East – 11 May 2008 – NEC Computers, a subsidiary of NEC Corp.,
announces NEC System Area Manager, its new unified management solution
for its VERSA and POWERMATE client workstation ranges as well as its
entry level servers designed for the SME market and remote sites. In
this way all of them can enjoy an affordable, intuitive and easy to use
solution to improve efficiency when carrying out administrative and
operational tasks.

Johan Degroote, EMEA Business Development Director for NEC Computers,
said, “80% of the SME/SMI market does not have a solution to manage
their computers or even, in many cases, an IT department. This is
especially true of the Middle East where organisations predominantly
fall into this category. They therefore require a solution which is
both simple and capable of meeting their challenges in terms of task
execution/remote configuration, inventory and reporting, and software

NEC System Area Manager allows them to manage both PCs and servers,
whether from NEC or another supplier, without the need for database
deployment or complex maintenance. In addition, this also enables them
to benefit from an enhanced level of productivity and a reduction in
support and administration costs.

Powerful functionality for enhanced computer management

NEC System Area Manager offers the following functionality:

  • Workstation discovery and monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Management of workstations, even when switched off (IPMI/AMT)
  • Energy management
  • Tracking, alerts and reporting of material changes
  • Configuration and monitoring of RAID storage devices
  • Utilisation and performance monitoring
  • Alerts can be configured by Email/SMS/Pager/SNMP
  • Integration within an Enterprise framework (SNMP and Sys Event Log)
  • Software deployment and remote updates

An enhanced partnership with Intel

To provide an ideal solution to businesses, since its launch, NEC has
been associated with Intel® vPro technology, which includes IAMT
(Intel® Active Management Technology), to offer a high level of control
over your computers. Used in conjunction with vPro compatible
workstations, NEC System Area Manager will offer unique client
workstation functionality, including:

  • Switching machines on and off over a VPN
  • Taking control of BIOS and boot sequence remotely
  • Isolating a machine from the rest of the network if it is infected
  • Inventory and diagnosis of switched off clients

Through this partnership, companies using NEC POWERMATE and VERSA also
have access to detailed reports even if the PC is switched off,
including proactive information about potential failures, and
wide-scale deployment of updates overnight to save electricity costs.

This solution is interoperable with Windows®, Linux® and VMware® environments.

Within a few months, NEC plans to extend the NEC System Area Manager solution to its entire Express5800 server range.

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