Sigma System Center 2.0 for Virtual PC Center offers compatibility with
Windows® Vista® and upgraded system administration functions.

Middle East, May 13, 2008 – NEC Computers has announced the
availability of the new version of NEC Sigma System Center 2.0, the
only all-in-one window true management software console for its virtual
PC system, VirtualPCCenter. The new enhancements include (1) upgraded
system administration software to automatically adjust the number of
virtual PC servers operating to meet the workload needs of end users
(clients) and deliver system-wide energy savings of up to 62%* over
conventional PCs as well as energy savings on operations in the data
center; (2) compatibility with the virtual PC operating system Windows®
Vista®** through improved infrastructure software; (3) and increased
cost performance provided by enhanced hardware capabilities for virtual
PC servers.

Johan Degroote, EMEA Business Development Director for NEC Computers,
said, “Virtual PC thin client systems have been widely praised for
delivering operational management efficiencies with minimum wastage of
IT resources through the use of VMware desktop virtualization to
centralize IT desktop workloads on a small number of highly reliable
servers while providing all the user-friendly benefits of the
traditional PC environment. While it is still not deployed in the
Middle East as yet, virtual PC thin client systems are being deployed
in increasing numbers across the globe.”

Virtual PC systems have always realized large-scale reductions in
energy load when compared with traditional PC systems and therefore
have attracted considerable attention from environmental interests.
With upgraded operation management software, NEC’s VirtualPCCenter
successfully delivers even greater energy savings.

A demo VirtualPCCenter thin client system is available in the Middle
East at Al Yousuf Computers for viewing by potential partners and

1. Delivers system-wide energy savings of up to 62% over conventional PCs

Reduces the number of virtual PC operating during times of reduced work
load, such as overnight or company holidays. “NEC SigmaSystemCenter”
management software installed in the management server monitors system
conditions, automatically centralizing virtual PC operating across
multiple virtual PC servers onto a smaller number of servers, thereby
delivering energy savings by automatically cutting power to the
redundant servers. When the working day commences and the number of PCs
in operation increases elevating server load, the shutdown virtual PC
servers are automatically restarted as needed and virtual PC redeployed
in the system, resulting in the optimum number of servers running at
any time of the day. This software enhancement delivers system-wide
energy savings of up to 62% reduction in annual energy consumption when
compared with traditional PC.

2. Compatibility with Windows® Vista® **

In addition to existing compatibility with the Windows® XP® operating
system for virtual PC, the enhanced VirtualPCCenter also supports
Windows® Vista®. 

3. Increased cost performance from enhanced virtual PC server capabilities

Delivers a significant increase in cost performance by increasing the
number of virtual PCs that can be allocated to each server. This is
realized by enhanced CPU capabilities in virtual PC servers running
VMware virtualized desktop environments.

4. Enhanced system administration functions

Improvements in the NEC SigmaSystemCenter management console allow for
a more intuitive and straightforward system administration environment.
Upgraded functions for the bulk delivery of security patches and
applications to all virtual PC and the automatic regulation of
simultaneous deliveries disperses load across the entire system.

5. Enhanced security

Limiting the terminals that can be connected to the VirtualPCCenter
makes it possible to authorize only those connections made via client
management functions. This delivers advanced security benefits by
making connections to virtual PC unavailable to unauthorized terminals,
such as PCs brought into company offices by non-company personnel.

With the imminent arrival of the NGN era, thin client systems are
increasingly attracting the attention of enterprises and government
bodies looking to realize such benefits as enhanced security, reduced
TCO, more mobile working styles and business continuity infrastructure
through the centralized management of data. This has led to an increase
in the number of full-scale deployments of large volume systems. At the
same time, the issue of global warming is generating interest in the
environmental benefits of thin client systems, including reduced carbon
dioxide emissions.

NEC’s enhanced VirtualPCCenter thin client system has been
developed to meet these evolving market trends and represents an
integral part of NEC’s efforts to deliver energy-saving IT platforms to
our enterprise clients.

“NEC’s newly enhanced VirtualPCCenter solution delivers virtual
desktops that are faster to deploy, less costly to maintain and manage,
and more secure than traditional PCs,” says Jeff Jennings, Vice
President of Desktop Products and Solutions at VMware. “Our customers
will appreciate VirtualPCCenter’s enhanced management capabilities,
energy-efficient technology and rich multimedia end-user experience
delivered in a simplified, packaged VMware virtual desktop.”

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