East, March 2008 — Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a worldwide leader in
removable data storage, today announced its support for Suns’
next-generation Sun StorageTek(TM) T9840D drives, which started
shipping this week. Chosen by Sun for its reliability, media durability
and tape legacy, Imation is the global provider of Sun StorageTek media
for this new drive technology, providing up to 75GB of storage capacity
with proven media technology and enhanced performance.

"Customers can protect their media investment and virtually double
storage capacity as compared with the Sun StorageTek T9840C tape drive
resulting in both economical benefits–lowering total cost of
ownership, and ecological benefits–showing a reliable use of legacy
media," said Tom Maiorano, Senior Director WW Storage Media Business,
Sun Microsystems, Inc. "The integration of Sun’s latest world-leading
fast-access enterprise tape drive design and Imation’s long-standing
media expertise delivers optimized throughput and media re-use with
additional storage capacity."

"By supporting Sun Microsystems’ next-generation tape drive platform,
Imation continues to demonstrate its commitment to deliver the advanced
tape storage solutions that enterprise customers demand," said Subodh
Kulkarni, vice president, Global Commercial Business, R&D and
Manufacturing, Imation. "We are pleased to continue to work with Sun to
help data center customers maximize and protect investments in their
automated tape library environments."

The Sun StorageTek 9840 half-inch tape cartridge draws on Imation’s
more than 50-year history of technology development and manufacturing
excellence, including:

  • Revolutionary Internal Tape Path Design, improving data integrity and access time by managing the tape movements completely within the cartridge. The tape rides on a cushion of air that virtually eliminates friction between the tape and guides, enabling the fastest search speeds of any tape storage system.
  • Mid-point dual-hub Design with the ability to start searches from the middle of the tape, not the end, saving time by delivering faster access to data.
  • Advanced, Factory-Written Servo Pattern, enabling precise read-write performance for exceptional reliability. Imation developed the world’s first servo-written cartridge and continues to lead the industry in servo-writing development.
  • Unique Baseplate Design, enhancing cartridge stability and enabling precise alignment between head and tape to ensure reliable data reading and writing.

The Sun StorageTek 9840 half-inch tape cartridge is available through authorized distributors

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