Leading Value Added Distributor expands its rich media offerings with bespoke solutions for the medical industry.

Middle East, 7 May 2008: FVC, a leading Value Added Distributor in the
Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region, has announced that it is
partnering with US-based GlobalMedia to sell and support GlobalMedia’s
medical-grade cameras and sophisticated store-and-forward medical
imaging and image management software. FVC will represent GlobalMedia
exclusively in Middle East & North Africa.

“Healthcare is a primary need and the adoption of new technology can
help to make crucial, life-saving decisions,” said KS Parag, Director
of FVC. “We are very pleased to partner with GlobalMedia who have led
the telemedicine industry with its innovative solutions. This is a
natural addition to our portfolio of rich media solutions that include
Polycom, Vaddio and VBrick to name a few. In the Middle East, there is
considerable investment in ensuring that the residents get the best

GlobalMedia specializes in the rapidly growing medical imaging sector
dedicated to visual light imagery that produces live video and still
images that range from microscopic cell-level images to macroscopic
images of the body. Using GlobalMedia’s live video and imaging
technology, a patient’s condition can be quickly and accurately
diagnosed by the most appropriate level of medical expertise – even if
the patient and medical specialist are half a world apart. The
GlobalMedia award-winning patented technologies and unique intellectual
properties culminate in products and services that exceed even the most
challenging requirements for clarity, accuracy, accessibility,
convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Joel E. Barthélémy, Managing Director, GlobalMedia, said, “We are very
pleased to work with FVC who have a proven track record in rich media
and understand the needs of the Middle East. This partnership will help
us deliver our vision of “health care without boundaries” to a region
that is diverse and multi-cultural. We are very confident in FVC’s
ability to help medical professional in the region maximize the
benefits of GlobalMedia’s proven Telemedicine solutions.”

According to Barthélémy, this region is very important to GlobalMedia.
Similar to the US telemedicine landscape, the Middle East is challenged
by the need to deliver quality healthcare to disperse and diverse
regional populations.

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