Value Added Distributor expands its agreement to cover Middle East
& Africa for its Nokia for Business range of products and services.

FVC, a leading Value Added Distributor (VAD) in the Middle East &
Africa (MEA) region, has announced that it has expanded its
distribution agreement with Nokia for Business to cover a wider range
of products and services across Middle East & Africa (MEA). The new
contract from Nokia extends to the entire Middle East region from the
original agreement of distributing Nokia’s security products in Africa
only. The contract now also includes Nokia’s Mobility and Voice suite
of products including the Nokia Intellisync and the call connect

“We are very pleased to expand the distribution of Nokia for Business
to the rest of our region,” said K.S. Parag, Director of FVC. “While
Nokia is well known globally as a leading brand of mobile phones, the
company also provides the same level of reliability and innovation when
it comes to business mobility. In the Middle East, where mobility is a
very important part of the corporate business, we feel that Nokia has
the right solutions to offer. The addition of the Nokia Intellisync and
the call connect platforms and further extends our reach into
enterprise mobility and VOIP.”

Nokia provides solutions for businesses of all sizes using combinations
of world class mobility software, security hardware and mobile devices,
backed by its award-winning support. With the help of accredited Nokia
Channel Partners, businesses are using mobility software, such as Nokia
Intellisync Mobile Suite, to connect corporate data to virtually any
device over any network to meet current and future mobility needs. FVC
will be focusing mainly on the security offerings within this portfolio
of enterprise solutions.

Kuba Pancewicz, Head of Business Mobility in Nokia MEA said, “We aim to
work closely with value added distribution partners to ensure that we
collectively deliver comprehensive, end to end solutions to our
customers. Our partner selection process ensures that our partners
possess strong technical expertise to meet and exceed our customers’
expectations, and we believe that FVC is the right partner to work with
going forward.”

Since security is one of the most important factors in implementing
mobility at an enterprise, Nokia offers firewall and VPN capabilities,
as well as client and management capabilities that securely extend
applications to mobile devices. Its Advanced Services can help plan,
architect, deploy, operate and optimize a customized solution.

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