CLARA, Calif. – (Feb. 26, 2008) – Foundry Networks®, Inc. (NASDAQ:
FDRY), a performance and total solutions leader for end-to-end
switching and routing, today announced the Foundry Networks IronPowered
Technology Alliance Program to deliver customers added value through
strategic partnerships, implementation of joint technology solutions
and proven interoperability engineered for the escalating requirements
and complex needs of Foundry’s™ worldwide customers. By attracting
leading global partners to complement Foundry’s best-of-breed and open
standards strategy, customers are empowered with choice when selecting
the right network solution to fit their business objectives.

To support the needs of varying organizations, Foundry’s IronPowered
Technology Alliance Program delivers best-in-class network and
application integration solutions with industry-leading companies, such
as Microsoft, Mitel, Oracle, SAP and Symantec. This collaborative
program delivers joint customers a simplified integrated networking and
application solution, co-market and branding benefits, qualified lead
generation program, strategic joint solution sales opportunities,
complementary solutions validated through interoperability testing, and
worldwide best-in-class technology training/support infrastructure.

“I consult and collaborate with all the major networking vendors and
many of the world’s largest enterprises regarding effective network
implementation to maximize the benefits they can achieve from all the
solutions available on the market,” said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice
president, Enterprise Research for Yankee Group. “Enterprises should
seriously evaluate leveraging best-of-breed solutions rather than being
locked into one vendor in order to tailor features and capabilities
that fit their business, while providing network operators with the
freedom of product choice.”

Many enterprise customers use a variety of networking vendors in their
infrastructure. Recognizing enterprises’ preference to select the
solution that best fits the customers’ needs, the Foundry Networks
IronPowered Technology Alliance Program is built to provide
best-of-breed solutions with the reassurance that joint products have
been tested and certified for interoperability. This not only minimizes
network administrative confusion and ongoing maintenance upkeep, but
also creates an end-to-end solution that delivers on customers’
business requirements.

“The network is the enabler and critical ingredient for today’s
organizations; it facilitates greater efficiencies, generates
competitive advantages, and promotes extraordinary gains in
productivity and innovation,” said Benjamin Taft, vice president of
corporate marketing and business development for Foundry Networks. “The
Foundry Networks IronPowered Technology Alliance Program is designed
from the ground up to help promote the inherent advantages of a
multi-vendor network infrastructure to support today’s evolving
business operations, ultimately empowering business decision makers to
drive the network, rather than the network dictating business strategy.”

IronPowered Program Levels

The IronPowered Technology Alliance Program admits partners at varying
partnership levels to ensure that the goals and objectives of both
Foundry Networks and the partners are met. Foundry’s select partners’
commitment and capabilities are matched with the appropriate
partnership level, which then guides their requirements for
participation and the benefits they in turn receive. As partners’
progress and business objectives are attained, the IronPowered
Technology Alliance Program allows these partners to gain increasing
membership benefits.

• Global Alliance: The relationship between Foundry Networks and a
partner is global in nature and covers multiple functional groups or
organizations between the two companies.

• Strategic Alliance: Companies at this level have a significant market
presence and have a track record of success with Foundry Networks.

• Premier Alliance: Companies at this level are newly partnered with
Foundry or have a deliberate reason for working with us. These
partnerships must fill a technology gap or bring value to Foundry
services or solutions.

• Interoperable Solutions: Companies that have completed
interoperability testing for their solutions. Companies at this level
have a product that fills a technology gap, but do not meet the Premier
Alliance level requirements.

For more information on the Foundry Networks IronPowered Technology
Alliance Program, please visit

About Foundry Networks

Foundry Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FDRY) is a leading provider of
high-performance enterprise and service provider switching, routing,
security and Web traffic management solutions, including Layer 2/3 LAN
switches, Layer 3 Backbone switches, Layer 4-7 application switches,
wireless LAN and access points, metro and core routers. Foundry’s
customers include the world’s premier ISPs, metro service providers,
and enterprises, including e-commerce sites, universities,
entertainment, health and wellness, government, financial and
manufacturing companies. For more information about the company and its
products, call 1.888.TURBOLAN or visit

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