Vision and New Products Establish Standard in Building High-Performance, Virtualized, Converged and Efficient Data Centers 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. and LAS VEGAS – (April 28, 2008) – Foundry
Networks®, Inc. (NASDAQ: FDRY), a performance and total solutions
leader for end-to-end switching and routing, announces a defined vision
for advancing the data center along with a new wave of product
innovation, which delivers on the new vision. Foundry’s™ new data
center vision and products allow data center IT managers to amplify
overall data center capacity, performance, flexibility and efficiency
to new levels never before seen by delivering a compelling network
solution that will free organizations from the technical and physical
limitations currently impeding growth. Foundry’s data center vision and
strategy consist of four key pillars: performance, virtualization,
convergence and efficiency.

“Foundry has consistently been a networking pioneer in industry-leading
performance and innovation,” said Bobby Johnson, president and chief
executive officer for Foundry Networks. “Foundry’s advanced data center
solutions reset the standard for capacity, performance, flexibility and
convergence, continuing our tradition in innovation, which will enable
the evolution of data centers to meet growth and performance

Maximizing Data Center Performance

With rich content, constant on-demand Internet access, and
data-intensive applications and services causing the migration of many
mainstream servers from gigabit Ethernet (GbE) to 10GbE connectivity,
increasing data center network capacity, including the capacity of the
data center interface to the backbone/Internet, becomes crucial for
scaling services. In addition to increased bandwidth capacity, network
latency between servers can be reduced creating noticeable benefits for
the IT administrator and the end user. Foundry’s data center vision and
product strategy defines a comprehensive approach that integrates
switching, routing and application delivery to effectively increase
overall data center scalability. Foundry’s long pedigree in creating
high-performance networking products plays a strong role in its ability
to deliver best-in-class performance while also being able to deliver
unique scalability benefits that allow for industry-leading capacity
headroom to protect data centers’ infrastructure investment.

Consolidation of Applications and Services Through Virtualization

Consolidation of applications and services into fewer servers and
network devices yields great benefits in terms of manageability,
service deployment flexibility and cost-efficiency for the data center.
A key trend in achieving server consolidation is through the use of
virtualization software. Virtualization is further complemented by
virtualized network services. Foundry’s advanced data center vision and
products enable IT managers to utilize virtualized network services,
such as virtual LANs, multiple virtual routing, switching and security
domains, and advanced application switching and service abstraction to
extend the benefits of virtualization into the network, thereby
accelerating consolidation of applications over a unified virtualized
infrastructure. In addition to providing improved manageability, better
economies of scale and rapid service deployment, these technologies
also allow true traffic separation for security, regulatory compliance,
or SLA enforcement as well as high availability by intelligently
directing traffic to the available physical/virtual servers.

Converging Data Center Server and Storage Networks

A unified network is a crucial component in Foundry’s advanced data
center vision. Converging server and storage traffic over Ethernet
delivers compelling benefits, including simplified network management,
higher availability, and reduced capital expenditure (CapEx) and
operational expenditure (OpEx). Foundry’s distinct approach to
switching and routing emphasizes low latency without sacrificing
network intelligence, advanced end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and
security capabilities, which are key attributes to enabling a converged
data center.

Optimizing Power Efficiency to Boost Scalability and Reduce Operating Costs

Rising power costs and limited energy supply to data centers have
created a bottleneck for data center expansion. The dramatic increase
in data storage, network traffic, and service and deployment complexity
will drive up data center power, cooling, and space requirements, which
translates into increased overall operating costs. Power, cooling and
space constraints will limit data center scalability and impede
business innovation and progress. Foundry effectively addresses this
critical problem using a two prong solution:

  • Providing industry’s best-in-class power efficiency without
    compromising performance by optimizing watts consumed for each gigabit
    of actual performance (watt/Gbps). Foundry envisions this key metric as
    playing an important role in ensuring networking equipment power
  • Consolidating what traditionally took multiple power hungry chassis
    into a single, high-density and industry-leading chassis design with
    capacity and efficiency benefits never before available.

The inherent effect of these innovative breakthroughs is a highly
efficient data center solution that collapses server connectivity
within the data center into fewer devices, drastically reducing power
consumption, lowering cooling requirements, and requiring less rack
space, which further supports Foundry’s ongoing green networking
initiatives. This also results in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
and a faster return on investment (ROI).

Delivering the Foundry Data Center Vision

To address performance, virtualization, convergence and efficiency
challenges, Foundry is announcing a new wave of products designed to
deliver on the defined vision. The first set of new products include
new high-density interface modules for the Foundry industry leading
BigIron® RX switch and NetIron® MLX router platforms.

Since their introduction, the BigIron RX series switches have
consistently reset the bar for high-performance, high-density,
resilient switching for data centers. A new 16-port 10GbE interface
module for the BigIron RX switch series will further increase
scalability up to 512 ports of 10GbE server connections in a single
switch. This, in addition to the series-leading capacity of up to 1,536
GbE ports per system, provides data center architects with unmatched
capacities for server aggregation, for both GbE and 10GbE servers,
allowing for fewer switches to maximize performance and optimize power
and cooling efficiency. The inherent hardware and software resiliency
of the series, combined with its support for industry standard and
proprietary rapid convergence protocols further enable
high-availability data center services.

The NetIron MLX routers complement the BigIron RX switches by providing
high-performance, high-end routing, multiple virtual routing, and
advanced security capabilities in data center applications. The NetIron
MLX series is unmatched in its IPv4, IPv6, and Multi-VRF wire-speed
routing performance without compromise. In addition to the series’
industry-leading capacity of up to 128 10GbE wire-speed routing ports
per system, a new high-density GbE interface module for the NetIron MLX
router series will boost the series capacity up to 1,536 ports in a
single router. The new module will enable data center designs based on
collapsed access and aggregation layers with virtualized routing
services extended into the access layer for maximizing performance and
enhancing manageability.

The NetIron MLX routers deliver high-end data center routing and
aggregation capabilities beyond high port density. It offers unmatched
network scalability with up to 32 10GbE links per link aggregation and
sophisticated link aggregation and equal cost multi-path (ECMP)
load-sharing algorithms. With this industry-leading high-bandwidth
capability, the MLX provides data center architects with ample network
capacity and scalability to support service growth in large enterprise
and Internet data centers, as well as up to 320 Gbps inter-switch and
data center connectivity.

These new products, combined with Foundry’s visionary architectures,
which include lossless fabrics and advanced distributed buffering
design, deliver extraordinary performance, flexibility, scalability,
capacity, and power and cooling efficiency benefits to data centers and
high-performance computing (HPC) environments.

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