New ASICs Accelerate Firewall Performance to Switching Speeds; Up to 6X Higher Throughput than Competitive Products

MIDDLE EAST – Apr. 9, 2008 – Fortinet® – the pioneer and leading
provider of unified threat management (UTM) solutions – today announced
it has achieved breakthrough performance for the mid-enterprise segment
with the new FortiGate™-310B multi-threat security appliance. By
incorporating into the FortiGate-310B purpose-built FortiASIC™ network
processors previously reserved for its high-end product lines, Fortinet
is raising the bar on firewall (FW) and virtual private network (VPN)
throughput performance to gigabit-per-second (Gbps) speeds, and
enabling wire-speed firewall performance.

As a mid-enterprise product, the FortiGate-310B delivers the best
price/performance ratio in its class with FW/VPN speeds that rival
competitors’ entry point high-end enterprise products, yet is priced
significantly lower. Additional benefits provided by the FortiGate-310B
appliance include highest-in-class port density of 10 gigabit Ethernet
ports, with an additional four gigabit ports made available through an
optional Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) module.

The increased FW/VPN throughput and high port-density on the
FortiGate-310B appliance relieves small- and medium-sized enterprises
of the constraints that have historically prevented internal network
security segmentation. The ability to provide security segmentation
allows customers greater flexibility in managing their networks with a
higher degree of precision, giving network managers increased policy
granularity and the ability to isolate and contain security events for
faster resolution. These capabilities were previously reserved for
high-end enterprise security products, but are now available to the
mid-enterprise segment through the FortiGate-310B security appliance.

“Smaller enterprises, or firms with lean IT and security staffs, want
consolidated network security services — from firewall, VPN and AV, to
IPS and secure network zoning,” says Phil Hochmuth, an analyst with the
Yankee Group. “For such organizations, the more roles a single piece of
hardware can take on, the better — as long as performance does not

The FortiGate-310B security appliance offers customers robust
multi-threat protection from a single device, which increases security
while lowering operational and capital expenditures. New features in
the FortiGate-310B bring the following benefits to customers.

Introduction of FortiASIC network processors enables best-in-class
FW/IPSec VPN throughput of 8 Gbps and 6 Gbps, respectively, which
represents a breakthrough in mid-range enterprise security solutions;

Highest port density (10) and lowest price-per-port of any product in its class;

AMC expansion slot provides flexibility for additional wire-speed
firewall ports or embedded storage (other options will be available as
additional modules are released);

Advances to the FortiASIC content processor, standard to all FortiGate
systems, result in significant improvements to
intrusion-prevention-system (IPS) and antivirus performance.

“The breakthrough performance of the FortiGate-310B validates
Fortinet’s strategy of leveraging custom-designed ASICs to maximize the
speed at which networks can be secured,” said Anthony James, vice
president of products for Fortinet. “As network traffic and bandwidth
increases, it becomes ever more important that security appliances keep
pace to ensure that greater traffic flows do not result in greater
risks to the network. Offering firewall and VPN throughput at gigabit
speeds is a revolutionary step in network security for this class of
product, and we are proud to be the first to offer this to our

Bashar Bashaireh, Middle East Regional Manager added, “In the Middle
East, SMB forms a large portion of the market and we are really pleased
with this new addition to our portfolio. The new FortiGate 310B will
enable us to offer this growing market segment new security options for
their various departments, users and access methods.”

As with all FortiGate systems, the FortiGate-310B consolidates critical
security technology and services to enhance network protection and
reduce total cost of ownership. The FortiGate-310B delivers network and
content protection through the integration of eight essential security
functions and services – firewall, VPN, IPS, antivirus, antispam,
antispyware, Web filtering and traffic shaping. The systems are kept up
to date automatically by Fortinet’s FortiGuard™ subscription services,
which provide updates to help protect against the latest viruses,
worms, Trojans and other threats – around the clock and around the


In the Middle East, the FortiGate-310B will be available at the end of
the second quarter of 2008 through Fortinet’s network of channel
partners worldwide. Additional information on this and other Fortinet
products can be found at .

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