Implements Foundry network solutions in 25 branches across Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Foundry Networks®, Inc., a performance and total solutions leader for
end-to-end switching and routing, has announced that it has been
selected by Pioneer, one of Egypt’s largest brokerage houses, to
upgrade its LAN infrastructure to enable it to interact smoothly with
Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchange (CASE) that also have its LAN
infrastructure based on Foundry Networks.

Pioneer’s IT Director, Ahmed Abdel Aziz commented, “We selected Foundry
because it is the same infrastructure used by CASE and allows for
seamless interaction between us and them. Salec and Foundry worked
closely with us to design our network infrastructure that is best
suited for our needs.”

Pioneer has installed Foundry’s FastIron® SX Layer 2/3 10 gigabit
Ethernet (10GbE) and FastIron Edge Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches
for its headquarters in Egypt and in its office in Saudi Arabia, with
additional switches deployed in Pioneers’ other branches across the
region. The implementation has been effected by Salec, Foundry’s
authorised partner in Egypt. Salec’s team of engineers and consultants
provided Pioneer with design, delivery, installation, support and
consultancy services not just in Egypt but in their other branch
offices across the Middle East.

“In the financial world, like any other these days, the right
information is key to making decisions that could affect investments
valued in billions of dollars,” said Farook Majeed, regional manager in
the Middle East & North Africa for Foundry Networks. “Communication
using an up-to-date LAN infrastructure can make the difference and we
understand that. We also understand the needs of our clients and work
closely with our partners like Salec to ensure that these requirements
are met.”

Mohamed Shoukry, Sales Manager – Financial Sector at Salec, said, “We
have an in-depth knowledge of our customer’s environment, enabling us
to provide the right solution and an implementation process that needed
very organized teamwork for the design of the network, delivery process
and installation. The customer choice was based on very detailed
criteria and we are glad to have fulfilled all the technical and
business requirements.”

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