premier event for ICT distributors registers more than 6500 meetings;
awards best products in innovation and design categories; D2D programme
hailed a success by participants

BARCELONA: 30 January 2008— DISTREE XXL 2008, the largest annual event
for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) distribution channel,
closed on a high note with a record participation of over 800
participants. An additional 2,500 one-on-one meetings were arranged
during the show between vendors and distributors taking the total
number of one-on-one meetings past the 6500 mark. DISTREE XXL 2008 was
held in Barcelona this year from 27th to 30th January 2008.

“We have a clear mandate: to provide the best value in terms of direct
business contact between international vendors – both well known and
upcoming – and the leading distributors around the EMEA region,”
commented Farouk Hemraj, executive director at DISTREE Events. “The
success of our events is reflected in the continued growth and
popularity both from a distributors’ and a vendors’ point of view. We
provide a neutral platform for distributors to evaluate new
opportunities, understand market trends, and make informed decisions
that are key to the success of a €37.46 billion (US$54.27 billion as in
2007) EMEA market.”

XXL 2008 also played host to Isabel Aguilera, former CEO of Google
Spain & Portugal, in her first speaking engagement since leaving
the internet giant. In addition to this keynote address, the event
featured a world-class conference programme including special talk
shows featuring interviews with key vendors, twelve workshops on EMEA
channel related topics and panel discussions.

As a first-time attendee, James Gardiner, Technology Analyst at Steljes in UK, found the vendor mix of great interest.

“My job is to evaluate technology that is available and what we should
include in our product mix,” said Gardiner. “Distree had a great mix of
small upcoming vendors and large international vendors giving me the
opportunity to see a wide range of products and new technology. It was
also very useful that I could choose the persons I wanted to meet,
resulting in some very meaningful meetings.”

Manoj Thacker, Managing Director at SKY Electronics, a leading Middle
East distributor that has returned to DISTREE each year said he still
finds the event “useful” and that it has helped him to plan the product
strategy for his company. He said, “This year, SKY is expanding its
distribution business into the corporate reseller markets. This means
we need to expand our product mix that is right for this segment.
DISTREE XXL has provided us the opportunity to meet over twenty new
vendors that are the right mix for us and we are looking forward to
strategic tie-ups in new areas to serve our customers in corporate,
SMBs and the growing retail segments better.”

DISTREE XXL 2008 also provided a special opportunity to visiting
vendors to try the event and test its potential. Marc Eylmann,
international sales manager for RaidSonic, was very pleased with the
outcome and plans to upgrade his status to a full participant with
complete access to all the facilities of the event.

“This event has been a very positive experience for me,” said Eylmann.
“I have had several meetings and expect to sign several contracts as a
result of my meetings here. I hope to return next year as a
participating vendor because an event like this makes more sense
especially since we are expanding into new markets across EMEA.”

Special initiatives also included a D2D (Distributor to Distributor)
option that allowed select regional distributors to meet with other

Elena Samoylova, marketing director for Formoza, one of the leading
distributors in Russia was pleased with their participation in the
special D2D programme.

“The new D2D programme was very important for us and gave us the
opportunity to set up meetings with potential distribution partners
across other regions within our area of distribution,” said Samoylova.
“DISTREE XXL gave us the opportunity to not only meet these potential
partners but also to interact and network with existing and new vendor
partners. As busy distributors, the events special matchmaking system
and online booking ensured that we had a very productive event.”

The event also hosted its annual awards for Best Product Innovation and
Best Product Design. Based on special “60 Second” presentations by
select vendors, the attending distributors voted for Promate in the
“Best Product Innovation” category for its ProStation 2 and Wilk in the
“Best Product Design” category for its Goodrive Fresh.

DISTREE XXL 2008 was sponsored by AMD as a platinum sponsor, GeIL, Port
and Samsung as Gold sponsors and Ingo, IN WIN, Toshiba and Trust as
silver sponsors.

The event wasn’t all work. The participants celebrated the close of the event with a spectacular XXL Party sponsored by Samsung.

For more information on DISTREE XXL 2008, please visit www.distree.com/xxl .

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