30 January 2008 – DICOM FZE today announced the availability of Kofax
Ascent Xtrata Pro with Arabic language optical character recognition
(OCR) capabilities. The quick and easy-to-deploy solution works in
tandem with Kofax Ascent Capture to more accurately classify and
extract Arabic language-based content from almost any document type,
transforming such content formats and data into actionable information.

The solution includes a “multi-fonts” engine, which increases the rate
of recognition of various complex Arabic language fonts by reducing
background noise and coupling auto-rotation with auto-deskew
technologies. This functionality enables users to experience unmatched
recognition accuracy from Arabic language-based content in documents
and forms.

“Following the announcement of Arabic language support for the Ascent
platform last year, we are pleased to offer our partners and customers
in the Middle East region the additional functionality of Ascent Xtrata
Pro with Arabic language OCR capabilities. This add-on module has been
successful in the European market and is a powerful, intelligent data
extraction and classification tool. The addition of Arabic language
support to Ascent Xtrata Pro further demonstrates our commitment to
bringing the most versatile, effective information capture solutions to
our market,” said Lars Jeppesen, Managing Director, DICOM FZE.

With added support for new layout formats and pre-processing
functionality, the Arabic language capabilities of Ascent Xtrata Pro
further increases the accuracy of analyzing and reading a wide range of
form layouts in the Arabic language, making it an ideal tool for
processing semi-structured forms and documents. The new Ascent
components also support Adobe PDF and plain text formats.

By layering complex technologies behind an intuitive, easy-to-use
graphical user interface on Ascent Xtrata Pro, solutions that classify
and extract Arabic language-based content can be developed through the
simple point-and-click of a mouse. In addition, Ascent Xtrata Pro
leverages learn-by-example extraction technology to minimize the need
for scripting, templating or rules construction, thereby simplifying
set-up and operation.

Prompted by customer demand, Ascent Xtrata Pro enhances the Ascent
platform by providing an ideal solution for information capture
applications of low-to-medium complexity where ease of deployment,
simple configuration and low maintenance costs are key requirements.

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