A software developer’s choice of tools today, to a large extent, controls how an application is built.

While any developer can hand-code software to do something precisely, good development tools make some features easier to implement, integrate debugging and other process-related tools into the environment, and generally make the developer’s life easier.

Developers have always been under pressure to create software faster, but increasing focus on time to market requires them to choose tools that streamline the process. The advent of new frameworks has enabled projects to be done in days rather than months and in months rather than years, but developers still face too many different and complex
development frameworks that require them to write code to bridge the programming models. This complexity slows application development and business process automation, resulting in increased costs and lost opportunities. It’s up to the tools to make the task easier.

Leading Open source proponents like Red Hat collaborate with the community continuously to deliver enterprise-class software that puts customers in control, delivering services and support to redefine these applications to what they should be: simple, open and affordable.

Red Hat, for example, employs the highest calibre tools allowing any company to continually develop and extend the range of the standard GNU tools such as GCC, G++ and GDB. In addition to the cross-development tools for embedded systems development, native versions of this technology have been ported to a wide range of UNIX and Windows platforms and can substantially enhance the process of migrating from these platforms to Linux.

Red Hat also offers this community JBoss that provides a certified open source integrated development environment that provides developers everything needed to build rich applications. Additionally, because it enjoys Red Hat’s support for 5 years, developers can have confidence that their development environment and platform is stable, upgradeable, deployable and supportable.

At the end of the day, Open Source gives unprecedented levels of operational flexibility. And it gives ISVs unprecedented, multi-platform, market reach. All while providing world-class performance, security, stability and unbeatable value.

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