New FT
Server provides a robust platform for “guaranteed” 24/7 availability
and operational simplicity combined with a complete offer of services
packages including Mirrored HotSwap HDDs and Rapid Disk Resync (RDR)

Middle East – 17 January 2008 – NEC Computers ("NEC") has announced the
general availability of its NEC Express5800/320Fc. This new model
enhances the complete range of NEC’s Fault Tolerant (FT) servers. With
outstanding performance, this FT server provides a robust platform for
continuous availability and operational simplicity combined with a
complete offer of services packages. 4th generation of NEC FT servers,
the NEC Express5800/320Fc is the optimum choice for large accounts to
medium-sized corporations running critical systems and data centres.

"The Express5800 Fault Tolerant servers, when combined with VMware
Infrastructure 3 provide a leading platform for Windows Server 2003
applications designed for continuous availability," said David Reine,
analyst, The Clipper Group. "Along with outstanding performance, the
Express5800/320Fc delivers the availability and reliability that your
mission critical applications demand in a cost-effective package that
minimizes TCO. If your enterprise is looking for a fault tolerant
system, you will find that the NEC Express5800 is fast to implement,
easy to maintain, and fits within your budget."

NEC’s FT servers address planned and unplanned downtime through
complete hardware redundancy, which enables the active and physically
replicated modules to process the same instructions simultaneously. In
the event of a hardware failure, the replicated module continues normal
operation, ensuring transparent failover and system integrity. The
faulty module is separated automatically, but there is no need to
interrupt system operation during replacement. The NEC
Express5800/320Fc server takes part into the risk management of today’s
businesses and provides the customer with a robust IT infrastructure


Risk Management is a chief concern for today’s businesses. This new FT
server generation is ideal for messaging applications, critical or
order management systems. It guarantees a business continuity to avoid
any financial impact in case of system failure.

Active UpgradeTM services: address planned server downtime to guarantee minimal disruption

• Mirrored HotSwap HDDs and Rapid Disk Resync (RDR): enable quick
copies of only the data that has changed, enabling rapid
resynchronization of internal HDDs and faster system recovery

• Support NEC ExpressCluster to secure critical applications: emails,
data bases and applications are highly important for the smooth running
of any business. The NEC new fault tolerant server combined with the
NEC ExpressCluster solution delivers excellent high availability for
applications by minimizing unplanned hardware failures.


The NEC Express5800/320Fc extends the line of NEC FT servers by bringing

• The support of standard Microsoft and Red Hat operating systems: This
enables a wide range of Open Source applications to run on Red Hat
Linux on the high availability ft server.

The support of Virtualization environments: VMware® certification is planned for CQ1 08.

There is no need to modify the OS or application, which eliminate
complexity of conventional HA system deployments and allow the IT team
to focus on strategic projects.

“A fundamental benefit of VMware virtualization is the advanced
business continuity protection it affords together with high
availability for critical applications,” said Brian Byun, vice
president of global partners and solutions at VMware. “This solution
from NEC on the NEC Express5800/320Fc platform goes a step further by
ensuring the resiliency of the actual hardware platform to minimize
unplanned downtime. For those environments where nothing less than
continuous application availability is acceptable, fault tolerant
servers running VMware Infrastructure is an excellent option.”


The NEC Express5800/320Fc delivers:

• The latest Intel® Xeon® Quad core processors: 200 percent performance
gain over third-generation Dual-Core models (performance metric
specific to the Quad-Core version) thanks to the record performance and
energy efficiency of the Quad-Core Intel®Xeon® processor 5300 series.

Faster Front Side Bus (1333 MHz FSB): fast front-side bus with up to 66 percent greater CPU Input/Output (I/O).

• Increased memory capacity up to 24GB: 50 percent increase in memory
capacity and PCI-Express expansion for 25 percent faster I/O and

Supports SAS HDDs to improve the scalability of the system.

"Intel and NEC continue a long collaboration in delivering high
availability systems to the market," said Kirk Skaugen, vice president
of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group and general manager of the Server
Platforms Group. "The new generation of NEC ft servers offer
enterprises new levels of availability and reliability with the record
performance and energy efficiency of the Quad-Core Intel® Xeon®
processor 5300 Series."


Johan Degroote, Regional Director, EMEA, said, “In the Middle East, an
increasing number of companies are calling for operational stability to
minimize the risk of business disruption due to hardware failures,
along with high-speed processing capabilities to handle a massive
amount of data. With high processing power and reliability, the NEC
Express5800/320Fc server is designed for large accounts to medium-sized
corporations running critical systems and data centres.”

That’s why NEC complete its fault tolerant servers range with new high
added value services to answer to the customers needs of prevention and
pro-activity. With its NEC Express5800/320Fc buying, the customer has
to choose between 2 services packs:

• UltraCare FT Service Advantage* : Packaged Service to guarantee a
high level of availability for FT Solution (phone support, modules
delivery, NEC FT Web Portal Access, Software and Hardware assistance
access, automatic FT remote alert, proactive FT remote monitoring)

• UltraCare FT Service Premium* : Personalized Service with high added
value, providing optimal availability to answer to 24/7 critical
activities (Management Priority Escalation, Emergency Intervention
Service D+0, Direct Access to NEC FT Center of Expertise, phone Support
24/7, modules delivery CRU D+1)

The NEC Express5800/320Fc server has been designed not only to offer
high availability through hardware redundancy, but also to deliver
enhanced system continuity and cost performance with high computing
power. The complete offer, server including a service package, delivers
the best high availability solution while enabling costs reduction
(easy deployment, administration and maintenance).

* In the Middle East, UltraCare FT Service Avantage and Premium packs
will be provided by NEC channel network, via a NEC Preference 320Fc
certified partner. 

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